Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something New Saturday - Yo Yos

I decided that Saturday would be a good day to learn something new.  I have a lot of ideas to try, so I'll have a lot of full Saturdays coming up.  Today I wanted to figure out how to make fabric Yo-Yos.  I started out looking for a pair of good scissors so I could cut out some diaper shirts for the charity I volunteer for.  Someone suggested a rotary cutter.  I have several already - for paper crafts and for fleece projects.  But I never thought about cutting anything more than a straight line.  So - off to the internet to research.  I discovered a whole new world of what you can do with a rotary cutter.  I'll have to save my $$$ and coupons, though, for my wish list - including templates to use with rotary cutters.  While on this search, I saw some cool-looking templates for making yo-yos.  So - I gathered my supplies - bought some I didn't already have, and spent the day making yo-yos.  I should also mention the helpful video tutorial at  It was a slow start, but after the first few I found myself on a roll.  It will take a lot of these little babies to make a coverlet for the bed, so I'll just make them when I'm in the mood and collect them in a jar.

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