Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something New Saturday - Hot Pad

This past week I've been visiting some blogs of fellow crocheters.  I've added myself as a follower of several that seem to have the same interests.  I've been inspired by many - there are so many talented people.  I could spend days surfing blogs on the net.  Last week my interest was renewed in potholders and hot pads.  I started my Saturday running errands, including a trip to AC Moore for some cotton yarn for my Something New project.  Back at home, I was going to search for some patterns on-line, but today my home internet connection decided to die.  They sent a technician right away, so I had a mad dash around the house picking up mess the kids left.  Fun, fun.  While I waited for the tech to show up, I pulled out some pattern books in search of a pattern of something round that would make a cool potholder or hot pad.  I found a pattern in an afghan book with some motifs that would be perfect for a potholder.  I made 2 and joined them together, then made 2 final rounds.  I think this will also double as a hot pad.  I don't really like working with cotton, but it's the best yarn for kitchen stuff like pot holders, hot pads, and coasters  You might not be able to tell the colors - the picture quality isn't the best.  But I used pale yellow, navy blue, a variegated "Vintage Twist", burgundy, and sage.  These colors will go great in my kitchen.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Something New Saturday - Special Olympics Scarf

For many personal reasons, the Special Olympics Scarf Project is near and dear to my heart.  I stumbled upon this project a few years ago, and was awestruck by the response across the country.  I participated that year and sent in about 6 scarves.  Following the activity, I was surprised to see that they could practically fill a basketball court with all the donations.  At one point I was disappointed that they had so many contributions that the scarves ended up across the town and in stores.  Then again, I was humbled that so many people would care enough to take the time to participate.  I ran out of time last year, so the 2 scarves I completed ended up being donated to Online Angels instead.  I hope I can get myself together enough to make the deadline this time.  For my Something New, I ran across this idea when looking at some afghan patterns.  This is a Scandinavian Square pattern from a recent magazine.  I didn't chose the colors - these are designated for the 2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project.  It was fun to do, but not fun enough to mass produce.  I'm thinking of a Mile-A-Minute pattern for the next one.  Stay tuned for a different one on an up-coming Something New Saturday.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Something New Saturday - Scrabble Tile Pendants

This past week I received a notice for an upcoming class at a local art store.  The picture attached to the notice showed some ornaments made of glass pendants.  I don't have time for the class, but I really was intrigued by the ornaments in the picture.  In my search for more information about the glass pendants, I ran across instructions on how to make glass tile pendants.  And that led me to the discovery of Scrabble Tile Pendants.  I had never seen these before, but apparently I'm a couple of years behind the times.  They look so cool, I immediately wanted to see if I could make them myself.  I was amazed at how many different websites have instructions, and how many different opinions are out there as to the best way to make them.  I have most of the supplies on hand for the Scrabble Tile Pendants, but didn't have much time to make them the traditional way with several coats of glue and glaze.  I kind of chickened out and cheated somewhat.  Plus - I want to practice on the wooden tiles before I work with the nicer glass tiles.  I hope I can figure out how to make the glazed top without bubbles or cracking.  In the mean time, I used epoxy stickers to get a feel for the finished product.  The only thing left to do is glue on some bails and work out a cord strap to turn them into necklaces.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something New Saturday - Grannies

Today I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.  I wanted to continue with my Something New Saturday, but I also have the deadline of my 1000 squares goal looming.  So I decided to get out my 99 Grannies book and try out some new patterns.  Although it was good practice for me reading and following the different patterns, I think I'll just stick to the basic granny from here on out.  The basic granny is so quick and easy, and I think the lines are much nicer and cleaner.  Plus - I don't have to constantly think about what I'm doing - I can watch TV, listen to music, have a conversation with the family - without worrying about losing my place and messing up the pattern.  I found one major mistake in one of them, but I just left it alone.  It adds character.

On a different note, I was excited this past week when I was able to complete my supply of yarn for my next project - 2011 Special Olympic Scarves.  You can read about it on the internet - use GoodSearch as your search engine and look it up.  You'd be surprised at the overwhelming response they get to their call for handmade scarves.  And I'm sure Coats & Clark is happy with the yarn sales.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something New Saturday - Fabric Basket

For today's something new I decided to put a new spin on something I used to make about 15 years ago.  A friend taught me how to crochet baskets before I was crocheting for real.  I found another friend who hooked me up with a supplier of some fabric ends.  I've saved those ends for a long time - not really knowing what to do with them, but not wanting to throw them away.  True crafters know exactly what I'm talking about.  Anyway, I saw an idea from Crochet Dude....  I ripped some of the fabric I had into smaller strips - thinking I could make a smaller basket.  Well, fabric is NOT easy for me to crochet with.  So although this Something New was kind of a bust, at least I was able to come to the decision that crocheting with fabric just isn't my thing.  So... off to make more squares.  I just calculated my total, and I have 690 done for the year.  That means I have to make 310 more.  Which calculates out to be a little bit more than 100 a month over these last 3 months of the year.  Throw in a couple of holidays, some other "must do" craft projects that will be Christmas gifts, and the usual stuff with the kids - this is going to be very difficult to accomplish.  Wish me luck!