Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something New Saturday - Hot Pad

This past week I've been visiting some blogs of fellow crocheters.  I've added myself as a follower of several that seem to have the same interests.  I've been inspired by many - there are so many talented people.  I could spend days surfing blogs on the net.  Last week my interest was renewed in potholders and hot pads.  I started my Saturday running errands, including a trip to AC Moore for some cotton yarn for my Something New project.  Back at home, I was going to search for some patterns on-line, but today my home internet connection decided to die.  They sent a technician right away, so I had a mad dash around the house picking up mess the kids left.  Fun, fun.  While I waited for the tech to show up, I pulled out some pattern books in search of a pattern of something round that would make a cool potholder or hot pad.  I found a pattern in an afghan book with some motifs that would be perfect for a potholder.  I made 2 and joined them together, then made 2 final rounds.  I think this will also double as a hot pad.  I don't really like working with cotton, but it's the best yarn for kitchen stuff like pot holders, hot pads, and coasters  You might not be able to tell the colors - the picture quality isn't the best.  But I used pale yellow, navy blue, a variegated "Vintage Twist", burgundy, and sage.  These colors will go great in my kitchen.

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