Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something New Saturday - Baby Booties

I chose a quick project for today because I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to crochet.  I went to a funeral today of a dear old lady I've known for almost 30 years.  She was very talented - from cooking to crafting to artwork.  Almost 25 years ago she made my wedding cake and catered my wedding reception.
My something new to try today was a new pattern for baby booties.  The pattern was called Easy Baby Booties using Vanna's Baby Yarn by Lion Brand.  I loved the look, and a plus was these didn't require sewing, and they are one piece.  The instructions were clear for the sole, but coming up the sides they made absolutely no sense to me.  And the finish was even more bizarre because where I finished was at the end opposite of where the pattern said to end.  So.....  I had to improvise, and then I had to remember what I did when I made the mate.  Not my best work, so I'll end up throwing this pattern out - unless I can find it again with corrections.  I really like the look of these booties.  I used medium-weight 4-ply yarn, but I think baby yarn would work best - something lighter weight.  Lucky for me, my work is not a total loss.  The charity I volunteer for is great for finding the perfect home for whatever I make.

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