Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something New Saturday - Spa Set

Yesterday I spent a lot of time "working out" with more cotton yarn.  I don't know why I feel like it takes more strength to crochet with cotton...  This Spa Set (Crochet World - August 2010) includes a wash cloth, scrubbie, and puff.  I used some cotton yarn from my stash - so not really spa colors.  I think the puff gave me the most challenge - working through all the ruffles, and wondering "am I almost done?"  But I really turned out neat, and I'm glad I tried it.  Next test is to see how it holds up when put to use. 
Last week I gathered everything up for my November box to send to Online Angels.  Shown are 250 squares.  I made 50 more squares to make 300 in the box.  After these, I think I have about 60 more to make to reach my 1000-square goal.  Also included in the box are some fleece blankets I found at the drug store marked way down.  And then some hotel toiletries and condiments collected for me by my husband and some co-workers.  These items make great stocking stuffers for senior homes, shelters, children's homes, and hospitals.

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