Saturday, January 8, 2011

Working on WIPS

One of my goals in 2011 - other than concentrating on baby items for the charity I volunteer for - is to finish up some WIPs that have been hanging around.  I have, oh, maybe 5 or more years worth of projects to complete.  Well, it might not be that bad.  But I do have a lot.  Over the summer when fleece was on sale, I bought 4 panels to edge in crochet.  I think they're 2 1/2 yards and 60 inches wide.  Nice and cozy, with a personal touch.  Here's the first.  I ran out of yarn before I could complete the final round, but I think I like it this way better - not so ruffly.
I have to make a plug here for the awesome tool I have to make the evenly-spaced notches in the fleece.  It's a rotary blade called the Skip Stitch blade.  Look it up on the Internet (using Goodsearch to help Online Angels, of course) and check it out.

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