Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crochet: Hexagon Granny Baby Jacket

Several times while looking for crochet patterns I've come across this really cute baby sweater.  I took the time to look for the pattern, and I printed the one from Bev's Country Cottage.  She refers to the pattern she found on Tina's Blogspot.  But I'm still not sure who the originator of this design is.  It's so versatile and the color combinations are endless.  This is my first attempt, and I'm sure I'll be making more.  I had some problems with the ribbed cuffs, so I ended up with a ruffle instead.  I repeated the ruffle around the collar and bottom to complete the effect.  I also chose to use tie closures instead of buttons.  I was pleased with the final product.  The pink and purple are Bernat Satin - one of my favorite yarns.  The variegated is Bernat Softee Baby.  I'm hoping whoever ends up with this sweater feels extra special.  This is a contribution to the charity I volunteer for - Online Angels.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crocheting for Online Angels

This past week I've crocheted a few baby items for Online Angels.  I've been accomplishing some much-needed work around my house, so my crafting time has taken the back burner.  The items pictured were made during my lunch hour at work.  I plan on making a lot of baby items for Online Angels this year.  You can't really tell the size just by looking at the picture, but some of them are so tiny.  There are preemies born every day, and the new parents need to see them in cheerful clothes.  Handmade is especially meaningful during the stressful time of taking care of a newborn in need.  There seems to always be a shortage of donated baby items for hospitals and shelters.  I wish I could do more.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bead Play

This weekend I took a little break from crocheting and worked on some bead projects.  I love working with seed beads.  My two favorite beading crafts for now seem to be weaving on the bead loom and bead kumihimo.  Saturday night I did some research on the Internet - looking for a bead designer so I can play around with patterns for some bookmarks and small tapestries to weave on the loom.  I found a free one, but am not too happy with the print options.  I want to be able to print a pattern on an index card so I can prop it up in my loom while weaving.  I'd really like to see a designer I can use both on my laptop and on a tablet pc (yet to be purchased). 

Today I spent some time finishing a couple of bracelets in my WIP pile.  I have a few beaded kumihimo bracelets waiting for the finishing touches and clasps.  I was only able to finish 2.  I need to buy some more spacers so I can finish up the others.  I have a bracelet started in my kumihimo disk, and I have some sets of beads strung waiting to be woven.  The beaded kumihimo bracelet is another one of my projects that I hope will turn into sales one day.